Why Marketing Agencies Struggle & How SMS Marketing Can Help

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While many marketing agencies have traveled numerous avenues to reach clients and seen success in these channels, some carry on encountering challenges. They stumble upon one obstacle after another, merely surviving amid struggling instead of thriving.

Print-based ads and radio commercials have evolved into television advertising. Eventually, marketing agencies have found their way to online and other speedier platforms—social media and web landing pages being the more popular tools.

However, SMS marketing, alongside email marketing, is also making waves, helping out marketing agencies ride the wave of digitalization and topple over these difficulties to advance in the industry.

With the amazing developments in mobile tech, online media, plus business big data, marketing has become an all-new landscape to navigate. However, a marketing agency’s struggles seem to be rather the same age-old issues.

Let’s take a look at the common struggles of marketing agencies—so you can avoid them and stay ahead of the competition—and how leveraging SMS text messaging software can assist with offloading these concerns.

4 Common Struggles of a Marketing Agency & How SMS Software Helps Improve Your Circumstances

1.     Wrong Targeting Tactic

Targeting can be fundamental. But that doesn’t particularly mean it’s always an easy feat. You may have assumptions about your supposed target audiences. Yet these ideas may not be as viable or valuable to your business.

For your marketing agency to progress and succeed, you need research-based and data-backed insights to identify the correct target audience and market segment that will work for you, and not against you.

How SMS Marketing Can Help: Audience Segmentation

SMS marketing software can help you effectively segment your client base.

Through SMS sending software, you will be able to find the most fitting recipients of your promotional messages—the best people your marketing initiatives can target.

For instance, you want to involve individuals in your marketing program based on a specific locality. The best business texting platform should enable you to connect with this particular targeted audience segment by properly splitting your whole contacts database into smaller lists according to specified attributes, including their location or address of residence.

2.     Cluttered Use of Omni-Channel Marketing

It is a must for your marketing agency to convey the right messaging via the most appropriate content utilizing the right communication channels. Learn that in order to introduce and maintain your online presence, you don’t necessarily have to be on every platform. It is not efficient and most likely will not promote your marketing company as you expect.

After all, clients invest trust in agencies that use consistent brand voice and put the effort into unique messaging content.

How SMS Marketing Can Help: Trouble-Free Implementation and Automation

The best texting service for business is cost-saving and time-efficient. It allows for easy, hassle-free implementation so you can start using your mobile SMS marketing software immediately upon subscription.

Additionally, your 2 way SMS software should let you integrate its use with other marketing tools and apps. Bulk SMS messaging software also enables automation. It is found that 76% of enterprises have reported their use of marketing automation to generate leads, convert, and ultimately, increase profits. It’s fairly logical that you, too, should bank on the automation strategy.

3.     Weak Lead Generation and Nurturing Methods

Perfecting your lead generation methodologies may be a hard goal to hit. It’s understandably a universal struggle for marketing agencies. There is no one-size-fits-all formula for the digital marketer’s lead generation tactic. But you can certainly make clever decisions in finding your B2B leads so you save yourself from losses due to vain attempts at lead gen.

How SMS Marketing Can Help: Instant Delivery

Using the best email and SMS marketing software for your marketing agency, you can reap the benefits of the direct and immediate delivery of pieces of promotional information to your target clients. A texting platform for business is the most immediate mode of marketing and message delivery service available for you to rely on.

Two-way SMS messaging will instantly ferry across your recipients what you want to convey and they can just as conveniently get back to you with a response. Mass texting for business is especially great for signups, instant usage of vouchers and discount codes, and getting survey or poll replies.

4.     Failure to Highlight Your Unique Selling Point

You may be overlooking underscoring your marketing agency’s unique selling proposition (USP). That may be another reason you’re having difficulties persuading your target consumers to avail of your services.

You miss out on meeting the right market to speak with them and tell them of that unique reason your business is a standout. When you fail to sell your services based on what sets you apart from the rest on the market, people will fail to see why you’re their best bet for a marketing agency.

It’s not new. You’re not alone in this marketing struggle. And you’re certainly capable of its resolution.

How SMS Marketing Can Help: Customization and Personalization

A solid text message system for business is an excellent way to inform your clients of what your USP is.

SMS marketing lets you establish a more personalized bond with your subscribers. Via bulk texting for business, you can customize your messages with GIFs, emojis, video clips, or other multimedia SMS marketing services. It is helpful to remember that 61% of consumers are willing to pay for the products or services of an agency that invests in and delivers customized content.

Let SMS Marketing Assist You!

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