How to Gain Extra Revenue for Your Marketing Agency with SMS Software

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SMS marketing leverages two-way SMS software to promote a brand and its product or service offers. Utilizing SMS text messaging software can significantly boost the revenue-generating activities and programs of your marketing agency.

SMS marketing software enables two-way SMS messaging and communication between your business and your target audiences. With an average of 82% open rate, text messages are an efficient way to reach clients. Message deployment is instant just as message delivery is prompt and timely. This way, you manage to connect with your recipients even when they’re on the go.

Moreover, the number of mobile users is projected to skyrocket to 7.33 billion in the year 2023—all the more reason for you to take advantage of SMS marketing to gain a competitive edge for your marketing agency.

Let’s take a look at the 5 best practices for SMS marketing to help you get the most out of the best business texting platform.

Pro Tips: 5 Best Approaches to SMS Marketing for Your Marketing Agency

Pro Tip #1 Personalization

SMS sending software allows you to customize your text messages based on its audience segmentation functionality.

A text message system for businesses enables you to automate creating separate lists of your subscribers according to their criteria. These can be their location, age group, profession and industry, income range, and purchase history. Also, these can be tied to their preferences such as the trending topics they follow.

Following audience segmentation, you can use mass texting for business to tailor your messages with the subscriber name in it, and the way you can appropriately address and talk with them via SMS.

Including this form of communication in bulk texting for business can make a client feel an affinity with your brand, leaving a warm, special impression on them.

Pro Tip #2 VIP Rewards and Other Offers

Customers generally love offers, from vouchers to discount codes to freebies, among other potential SMS marketing promos. In fact, they are looking forward to them—exactly why they are subscribed to you.

Reward you, new subscribers, for signing up. And thank and keep your loyal clients with a gift that’s exclusive to their group.

As you make offers, be sure to build a sense of urgency and exclusivity around your promos.

A sense of urgency keeps consumers on their toes. Make your offer so good that it makes them alert and thrilled—at the same time, hurried—over a time-sensitive promotional code that expires soon. This will push them to decide on buying from you the earliest they can.

A sense of exclusivity is created to make them feel special. It can significantly and optimistically influence their purchasing decision. Making up their mind to grab the offer will be easier as they will be enjoying an exclusive deal. They will take immediate action before they miss out on it.

Pro Tip #3 Strong CTAs

A call-to-action is an essential element in SMS marketing. CTAs should be clear, strong, and persuasive. These attributes will precisely elucidate and convey what you would like your subscribers to do next.

Would you like them to book a demo call with you to further discuss your services? Or would you prefer for them to avail of your services now?

Write your every call-to-action as clearly and accurately as it should be.

Ensure that it is motivating and straightforward, concise but meaningful, and rich in appeal. It should urge and nudge the reader to leap in and come to a decision. Calls to action are formulated to benefit your business. However, bear in mind to bring into play what’s in it for your subscribers when they take action.

Pro Tip #4 Right Messaging Frequency

The frequency of your texts is critical in SMS marketing. You would not want to pepper your recipients’ inboxes with messages from your company more than necessary. Never spam your subscribers or you might end up losing them.

So, how often should you be sending SMS via the best business texting platform?

Once or twice a week should suffice for effective SMS marketing. This should not make your audiences forget that your agency exists. Neither would it annoy them because you’ve been reminding them of your presence way more often than what they initially signed up for.

Pro Tip #5 Perfect Messaging Timing

83% of millennials—a percentage of a demographic that makes up a considerably large part of your buying customers—would rather rely on SMS marketing for receiving business notifications. A texting platform for business is their preferred channel over emailing or direct messaging on their socials.

Don’t wait till it’s too late to ride the wave and start using 2 way SMS software. Leveraging the best texting service for business will level the playing field, if not keep you ahead of the competition.

Innumerable agencies and businesses across varying industries are utilizing it. And so should you.

Another appropriate and professional way to make the most out of your bulk SMS messaging software is to strategize on the correct timing for your send out. This will increase your open rate and response rate. Your consumers’ typical downtime for break or relaxation for the day is a clever time window to send texts.

Boost Your Revenue Today with SMS Marketing!

Sign up with RingBot today and start your free trial with the best email and SMS marketing software you will ever get your hands on. Use SMS marketing for your business success, and for the benefit of your clients as well.

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