How to Start a Marketing Agency with the Power of SMS Marketing

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So, you’d like to launch your own marketing agency? How do you go about it?

The foolproof formula for starting a marketing agency is yet to be discovered—if it ever would be. And the recipe for surefire success is yet to be whipped up as well.

One thing is for certain: Do not start your marketing agency halfway, unprepared.

That is not to be mistaken for taking off your business when circumstances are all perfect. They could never be either.

Toward success, you strive for steady progress—not impractical perfection.

Let’s get you started with a workable checklist with a brief guide for each item to help you gain clarity on how you can get your marketing agency underway the soonest. We’ll also touch on how SMS marketing can assist you to reach your target audience and potentially expand your agency to a larger market.

You have the skills. You have the concept. Now, let’s tick these off your checklist.

The Fundamentals of Starting a Marketing Agency

  1. Vision and Business Goals

A clearly defined vision and goals are more than just buzzwords. They’re a must-have for every business—your soon-to-be marketing agency included.

What’s on Your Business Plan: A Checklist

  • The target market you’ll serve
  • What services you’ll focus on
  • Your growth plan

Considerations: Your Guide Questions List

  • Will your marketing agency focus on catering to local or global clients? If you’re starting with your local sphere, do you have plans to expand outside of it?
  • Who will you be offering services to—businesses or individuals?
  • What’s your specific niche? Will you be concentrating on one to three marketing services, i.e., the recommended number? If so, what other services do you have in mind to branch out to in time?
  • What’s your price range?

Pro Tip: Pick a precise path to take and then master it. When you’re confidently equipped with the capacity to explore more avenues for your marketing agency, that’s your cue to venture out.

  1. Website and Landing Pages

Invest in professional web development. Your website will be home to everything related to your brand—your company information, vision and objectives, service offers, all updated contact details, and links to your social accounts.

What’s on Your Website?

Your site should radiate your overall branding. It has to showcase what you stand for. Consistency is key, from your logo, use of color palette, and typography, to its interface at large.

Pro Tip: Transparency is another crucial element.

Customers visit your site to gather as much information about our marketing agency as it presents. Hand them the details they want to learn about your enterprise. Never leave out critical details, keeping them hanging and in turn, frustrated. Refrain from too many pop-up windows and redirects. A comprehensive FAQs page to boot brings in great advantages.

Attributes of a Good Landing Page

Your landing pages are where your emails, newsletters, text messages, and socials will be rerouted to. Hence, these need to be up and running at all times, optimized for viewing on any device, and responsive to guarantee user-friendliness, and excellent client experience for a great client journey all throughout.

  1. Consistent Digital Presence

Get visible and stay visible. That’s how you effectively generate leads and find clients. Or perhaps, clients find you. Put time, effort, and adequate resources into content creation, SEO, and PPC.

Be present where you should be. Use the social platforms that will work for your business.

For instance, LinkedIn is not particularly the social media tool for promoting a kitchenware line or a crafts startup. Similarly, you don’t necessarily have to put your marketing agency on Pinterest. It can help. However, it’s not your best bet for social media marketing.

Additionally, you might end up spreading yourself too thin if you maintain unnecessary multiple social media accounts.

Digital presence is not all on the internet. And this is where SMS marketing steps in.

Bonus Content: Why SMS Marketing

  1. Know Your Customer, Always

Make certain you know your targeted clients and their attributes. Paint your ideal buyer personas. On your sketch, include the location where they’re based, their occupation and industry, range of income, age group, where they spend most of their time online, their favorite travel destinations, and the hangout spots they frequent, among many others.

Pro Tip: The more narrowed down the traits of your buyer personas are, the better. This will significantly help you with audience segmentation for mass texting for business via your SMS software.

  1. Write Concise and Clear Messages

Think of your texts as a tweet—with a character limit.

When utilizing two-way SMS messaging, make it a point to get to the point. Express what you’d like to convey in a short, persuasive message. After all, they say less is more, and for a good reason.

Pro Tip: Keep your messages professional yet warm and fun. Insert emojis, GIFs, and video clips without overdoing them.

  1. Use Strong CTAs

In a text message system for business, you can motivate your SMS text messaging software subscribers to take action through calls-to-action that suggest urgency and imply exclusivity. Influence your recipient’s purchasing decisions by asking them what you’d prefer for them to do next.

Pro Tip: You’ll learn more about your SMS content by asking your subscribers what updates they wish to receive from you. Just like your CTAs, do ask. Use surveys and polls.

What’s Next for Your Up and Coming Marketing Agency?

Launching your marketing agency doesn’t have to be taxing. Get back up and make the most out of SMS marketing.Sign up today with RingBot’s free trial to get a feel of the best email and SMS marketing software.

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