4 Ways To Leverage Business Texting for Big Sale Events

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Did you know that people check their phones 96 times throughout a single day? No kidding! We check our screen every 10 minutes on average. This is why text messages, which always appear on your notification bar, are an excellent channel for event marketing.

Instead, would you send your event alerts via email with an average open rate of 20%? Or would you prefer to do it via SMS, which has a widely acknowledged open rate of up to 98%? The choice is ideally yours. But the choice is rather obvious at this point.

And so we’ve whipped out a handy guide on how to blast your event turnover through SMS event marketing. Of course, we get how busy you are preparing for your event, so we’ve kept our list short and sweet. Read for more:

  1. Flash Deals

Perhaps the most prominent and impactful use of event texting, flash deals are a fantastic tool for increasing your ticket purchases. If you want to increase your registration count or persuade other prospects to attend your event, spam their phone with early bird discounts and limited-time promos.

As we all know, grabbing potential attendees’ attention can take a lot of work if you send the promotion via email. But if you send the deal via text, receivers will see it immediately. Even if they don’t open the text, they will likely see the entire message on their notification tab.

  1. Event Countdown

Increasing the number of tickets sold aside, the next important metric would be the event turnover. Sadly, confirmed registrations or ticket purchases only guarantee actual attendance. Hence, we have to go all out with our pre-event marketing.

As they say, leave no stone unturned. This is why event coordinators are slowly turning to SMS marketing for their event promotion. And since this is the texting we are talking about, the best way to ramp up your event would be through a countdown. Think of the excitement brought by doing this during New Year. The same applies to promoting your business event.

  1. Quick Updates

Another huge benefit of text marketing would be how it’s the most effective way to disseminate updates. Be it your attendees or your staff, text is the way to go for giving any kind of event reminder. They will immediately notice and read it, especially if you start with the word “Announcement.”

Also, imagine if you suddenly had some drastic event adjustments. Maybe the event was postponed, or the venue changed. It will be a nightmare for your customer service department if an event attendee turns up that day because they still need to read the update in the email. To avoid this PR catastrophe, send a quick text to your event participants.

  1. Feedback Survey

To wrap up your SMS game plan for your upcoming event, send a quick link for an event survey to your attendees via text. Do it immediately after the event. You can even already send it as the event is wrapping up.

Doing it this way will increase their chances of providing feedback, as the further an event has passed, the more likely they will ignore your survey. It’s another story if they’ve had a negative experience. Expect that no matter how much time has passed, they will likely vent their frustrations via survey.

To make responding to the survey more appealing, you can also throw in a special discount for the next event, and a heartfelt thank you for their participation. Doing this will make your attendees feel your sincerity, and they will more likely come back for the next event.

***Bonus Tip***

We have pointed out the four core strategies you can execute with your business texting. But wait! There’s more. As an extra tip, try to conduct text-to-win prize draws during the event. These kinds of promotions will make it more exciting for your participants.

They will feel the effort the team has poured into the event. And no matter where they look, onsite or digitally, they will be flooded with goodies related to your event. Watch how television game shows utilize texting to determine how to execute it.

Boost Your Event Sign Ups & Sales with Ringbot

Event texting is more than just a quirky way of enhancing your marketing efforts. Wield it correctly, and this simple yet powerful tool will fill up your event venue in no time. Not to mention, it will probably be such a stress reliever for your very busy event coordinator.

Of course, effective business event texting starts with having the right software. In this case, Ringbot is the perfect event assistant to help manage your event and drive it to success. Check out our 7-day free trial to see for yourself!

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