Why Whitelabel an SMS Marketing Software

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Did you know that 17-28% open rate is classified as good for email marketing? If you’re reaching those numbers, your email marketing is considered topnotch. 

Now, think about the remaining 72-83% who chose not to open the email. Think about all of those precious leads you’ve worked hard to gather that only slipped through your net. Think about all of those website visitors that never even made it to your sales funnel. What a waste, right?

Enter, SMS marketing. Did you know that the open rate of text marketing can reach up to 98%? No kidding! Surveys show that people prefer to receive texts over email which is why employing texting in your arsenal will surely have prospects reading your marketing campaigns.

You might be thinking, “Wow! SMS marketing sounds really awesome! I want to do it.” But then you wonder, how do you actually fit in texting in your marketing strategy? The answer is simple. Just whitelabel your SMS marketing software!

The jaw dropping open rate of text marketing softwares aside, we’ve compiled several reasons as to why you should be investing in email marketing:

8 Benefits of Whitelabeling Your SMS Marketing Campaign

  1. No Need to Build from Scratch

First off, whitelabeling your SMS marketing tools means you do not need to worry about how to build a text marketing software. It means no additional funds must be requested to hire a software developer. Your agency will get access to an awesome tool that gets you results immediately.

  1. Instantly Set Up Your Tool

Speaking of whitelabel SMS software, you will still need to set up the tool of course. But worry not! White-label SMS marketing tools like Ringbot will help you set up your text software step by step. You can do it in under 10 minutes!

  1. The Creators are Experts in SMS Marketing

What better way to get ahead of your competition by using a tool designed by experts who know what actually works in that specific marketing niche? Nevermind paying to build a software with features that you won’t really need in the long run. You can just grab a finished software that’s engineered to maximize your closing rate.

  1. Get Access to Customer Support

Your access to SMS marketing specialists don’t just stop at using their carefully designed SMS software. You will also have their support for any issues you may experience in the app. If you ever come across any bugs or have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We will be more than happy to help you through!

  1. Marketing Automation Works like Magic

To save your time, text marketing tools incorporate automation features. Instead of hiring additional manpower to oversee this new marketing stream, just utilize the scheduling feature of tools like You can then keep focusing your marketing team on more crucial tasks.

  1. Improve Your Marketing with Customer Insights

Your dashboard should show you the statistics of SMS marketing. You will be able to quickly zoom in on areas that can still be improved and work with your marketing members to launch a campaign accordingly. Remember that it’s essential to know where to focus your attention and efforts.

  1. Gain an Additional Revenue Stream

Did you know that you can actually offer SMS marketing in your agency as another service to your clients? Such is the beauty of whitelabeling. You don’t just get to utilize the tool to drive you leads, you can get your agency clients more leads boosting customer retention. Keep in mind that you can also resell the tool to your  clients itself.

  1. Focus on Scaling your Business

Clearly, you will save a huge amount of time and generate even more money just by buying a whitelabel text software. This means you will have an enormous amount of resources at your disposal that you can then use to scale your marketing agency. This includes launching more offers for your clients or finding another marketing stream. The sky’s the limit!


SMS marketing does so much wonders in saving your valuable time that it’s literally a business hack. There are also multiple ways in which you can use it to compound your agency’s existing revenue.

Of course, there’s no better way to understand its advantages than to see it in action which is why Ringbot is offering you a 7-day free trial. Wield the power of SMS marketing at your fingertips!

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