White-Labeling Marketing Tools: What It Is and How It Works

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We bet you’re one of those whose default response is “how much time do you have?” when asked how work is going. And we venture to say that the default response is an understatement.

Ah, the life of a marketing agency owner indeed. It hardly ends! Especially now that you’re on your way up, commitment will likely double or triple as your client portfolio grows.

The obvious solution is to increase your manpower. However, in a highly competitive field, technological resources should never be out of the equation. Good thing white-labeling is readily available to those who need it.

For curious minds, white-labeling is the process of tapping the help of a third-party company for additional solutions that have your name on it – but someone else does the work. White-labeling tools, however, are their AI counterparts. Think of it as extra hands but faster and more readily available.

It comes in all shapes and sizes. Some white-label software offers technical programming and web designing services; there are also some which serve SEO and PPC techs; even better, there are platforms strong enough to handle response automation. Others can simply provide ordinary reporting solutions. Safe to say that if you think of outsourcing a service, there’s already a white label software in the market for that.

Benefits of White Label Software to your Business

We bet you’re not one who wants to overwork all their in-house resources to shell out the best marketing results, so we list down a few other benefits apart from its time management advantages.

1. White-labeling cuts costs

When services are set in-house, a large amount of effort is needed to hit the ground running. A solution is senseless if the services are not end-to-end unless you’d want your client to feel 

the hassle. To offer one, a lot of time and effort is generated to come out with a process.

Tapping white-label solutions can fix that, as services are already full-fledged the moment a subscription is secured. White-label platforms are already pre-made to serve all your needs at the onset, saving your employees and other resources time and energy.

2. Flexible Options

What stops most companies from availing of white-label solutions is the fear of availing of highly templated and digitized services. And that definitely makes sense. As a business, we understand your need to stand out from the rest.

However, the fear is nothing but a misconception as most white-label tools provide more options to customize than before. In recent years, bespoke solutions became essential for all marketing services – digital or not – especially since the demand increased as the pandemic eases down. So don’t be afraid to reach out to the representatives out there and negotiate customized bundles for your agency.

3. Diversified Services

Remember when we told you that there’s a white-label solution out there for any service you can possibly think of? Now, imagine if you invested in various tools. The possibilities are limitless! There are even more options to topple your competition as research shows that there’s a high likelihood for customer retention to increase through service diversification.

Your agency is a step towards increasing customer retention with the help of white-labeling tools. Once a subscription has been fixed, you can add another offering to your roster just like that.

White-labeling Marketing Tool Must-haves

The white-label market is a little oversaturated too, so it’s best to list down some priority services that you need help with. Lucky for you, we’re shortening that process and giving you the definitive list of white-label must-haves to kickstart your search process.

1. Content Planner

Content is the undisputed king of marketing. It’s been having quite a reign as the same rule had been agreed upon since time immemorial. That being said, agencies should put a lot of time and effort into planning the content to better serve their marketing purposes…. Or do they?

Scrap the tedious calendaring of posts and subscribe to an automated content planner and scheduler instead. Upload contents ahead of time and never worry about missing hitting the publish button again. With content planners, you can already upload bulks of posts and graphics ready to be consumed during the launch date. Never let your loyal content consumers thirst again for one.

2. Website Builder

Online presence takes up a lot of elements for brand discovery. Your prospects hardly leave their building in search of the next supplier or agency to hire. Knowing, leaving your online presence behind would be a big loss income-wise, so building a website is a must before officially launching your agency.

As with most solutions, there is again a white-label tool for that. In fact, some hardly cost a dime – some even offer solutions at $0.99 per month. Invest in a website builder now and see your brand discovery factor improve in a few months.

3. Project Management Tools

We cannot emphasize the importance of these tools enough! Project management tools not only serve their blatant purpose of managing tasks, but it’s also there to make sure that all your deliverables are in the same space.

The unspoken benefit of integrating a smart and efficient project management tool into your work system is the mental relief it provides where employees can easily pick up where they left off. Managers can easily log off knowing full well that they’ll catch up just fine.

4. SMS/Email Management Software

The last, but arguably one of the most important tools to incorporate into your work systems, is SMS or Email Management Software. It’s hard enough to have all your lines open especially for busy business owners. There are higher tendencies of dropping out of a good conversation when your time is a moving target. The good thing is that SMS and Email Management Software can accommodate these needs. These can conveniently step in when securing leads, making sure that your potential clients feel fully attended to during the interest-building stage.

You’re All Set With Ringbot

Now that you laid the groundwork with this research, we trust that you’ll now make the right decision and invest in the best white-label tools for your business. We’re pretty sure that these suggestions will start an efficient system within your team without sacrificing customer satisfaction. So strike the right balance now and give Ringbot a try.

Not only is this SMS Marketing Software capable of maintaining client connections, but marketing mavericks like you can also automate its processes based on your own business models, so you no longer have to sacrifice efficiency for heavily templated responses. comes with a no-frills free trial, along with responsive business reps, that will let you customize your platform usage based on your business flow through effective automation. Building client rapport does not need to be as time-consuming again. Start your free trial now and see the difference!

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