How to Grow Your Marketing Agency via SMS Marketing

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There are 5.34 billion unique mobile phone users across the globe to date. And these mobile users spend 3.3 hours—on average—on their gadgets daily.

People typically pick up a blinking device to instantly check alerts or notifications.

Business owners, brand managers, and marketers recognize and understand this behavior. With this in mind, marketing agencies have been reformulating their growth, scaling, and expansion strategies. They have been leveraging the capacities of SMS marketing and are reaping the benefits of this methodology.

Have you tapped the power of SMS marketing for your digital agency yet? If not, don’t wait any longer and start today.

SMS marketing carried out via a texting platform for business essentially involves communicating with clients through regular SMS. Two-way SMS messaging goals are establishing relationships, building trust, boosting sales, and staying connected with them.

Let’s explore the ways through which you can use SMS text messaging software to assist you in growing your marketing agency.

4 Best SMS Marketing Practices to Grow Your Agency

Send out exclusive offers.

Pass around information on exclusive deals such as special coupons, time-sensitive limited promotions, and discount codes to your two-way SMS subscribers.

These will invite prospective consumers, positively influence their purchasing decisions, and attract and retain returning customers.

It’s an engaging, time-saving, and cost-efficient marketing channel with a high open rate of 90% and a response rate of 45%. A text message system for business gives your marketing agency a creative platform for putting out your advertising campaigns and projects—fast, easy, effective, and economical.

Bulk texting for business via SMS marketing software enables you to reach a larger, more extensive audience and allows you to potentially expand your target markets. You can customize your text messages on your SMS sending software to guarantee a more personalized, joyful, and memorable consumer journey for both your existing and prospective clients.

Provide order updates via SMS customer service software.

Text messages are received and read instantaneously. This makes bulk SMS messaging software a must-have tool for providing speedy client care and customer support.

Through 2-way SMS software, you can efficiently relay policy changes to your two SMS software subscribers.

Moreover, you can send a confirmation text for successful online purchases or, in the case of your marketing agency, a subscription to services. Resolution of concerns and troubleshooting of technical issues will be handier via SMS marketing client support.

Clients become more conveniently accessible to you when you leverage SMS marketing. Similarly, you become more available and approachable to your customers owing to the swiftness of mobile SMS marketing software.

You can utilize your PC to SMS software from the comfort of your office, while your customer base can access your SMS messages anytime, anywhere, on the go.

Create a contact list with SMS software.

SMS marketing software is essential in your marketing agency’s arsenal of marketing collaterals and instruments. Your choice of the best business texting platform can drive your business forward and propel it to thrilling new heights.

It takes consumers 90 seconds to respond to business SMS messages. Use this information to your advantage and benefit from a prompt text messaging system.

Targeting to contact and connect with various markets and audiences is within convenient reach. You can build a list of qualified leads and contacts and create valuable, lasting business relations around this list.

You can segment or filter your subscribers according to their phase in the marketing funnel. This way, you will be able to tailor your messages more precisely. For instance, you can offer VIP-only discounts to loyal clients and a separate new-subscriber promo offer for potential customers who just opted into your agency’s SMS marketing program.

Promote and invite.

Make it easy for your SMS marketing subscribers to opt in—and, well, opt-out.

This is your way of letting customers know that with your marketing enterprise, they always have a choice. People want to have a variety of preferences and make independent choices out of these options. They will want to control which businesses can keep their data, in this case, their personal mobile numbers, to reach out to them, and send promotions and invites.

When consumers know that you send them concise and to-the-point texts for the purpose of maintaining the business relationship, they will likely choose to stay in touch. When they know they can easily unsubscribe from your updates and just as hassle-free opt back in, you earn their trust that your SMS marketing tactics will be worth their while and be beneficial for them, too.

It is crucial to bear in mind never to spam your subscribers. Pesky and lengthy text messages can drive away qualified leads, and hence, result in missed out sales.

SMS Marketing as a Pathway to Growing Your Marketing Agency

There’s so much you can do with SMS marketing. Subscribe to the best business texting platform today and gain the competitive advantage of using SMS marketing for your marketing company.

At RingBot, you can automate workflows, bulk send texts to multiple clients in one go, integrate the software with other applications, and so much more. See our pricing options and find which one will be most suitable for your marketing agency. Start your free trial today.

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