5 Reasons Why SMS Customer Communication Will Be More Important in 2023

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Customer expectations keep on changing, and marketers all over the globe are constantly trying to find ways to make channels work harder. Here’s what places SMS (Short Messaging Service) on top of the marketing channels.

SMS is the fastest-growing marketing channel for brands. Studies show that about 49% of consumers have already signed up to receive SMS messages from their favorite brands. Statistics estimate that by the end of this year, 49 million consumers will have agreed to receive SMS notifications from brands.

1. It’s a Two Way Street

SMS that allows businesses to have real-time human interactions with their customers. Text messages are highly personal and targeted, making SMS customer communication an effective channel for collecting zero- and first-party data. It allows anyone with a mobile device to resolve any issues quickly.

2. There is High Deliverability

Let’s face it: people can go days and even weeks without reading emails, and more often than not, customers just swipe right past sponsored ads on social media platforms. But, SMS – statistics show that over 95% of text messages are opened within three minutes, and 82% of U.S. smartphone owners read every SMS message they’re sent. Text messaging is the faster way to reach your target audience.

3. It Drives More Revenue When Used Together With Email

No need to discard email marketing altogether! Email marketing is a valuable communication channel, but it becomes more effective when it is used with SMS. Meet with your team and develop a marketing strategy that pairs email and SMS. 

Offering consistent messaging and communication with your target audience builds the relationship you want to get more responses. Use their strengths! Being a highly visual way of communication, email is great for long-form content with multiple calls to action, while SMS is about being brief and prompt. 

4. It’s Cost-Effective & Time-Efficient

SMS is a lot cheaper than traditional marketing and advertising, especially if you purchase bulk or subscribe to a provider. Despite it being less expensive, SMS is so versatile and customizable. It also allows you to save time since text messages can be scheduled, and they can be sent quickly and easily to a large number of people at once. You can also create templates and automate SMS notifications.

5. It’s Far-Reaching

7.26 billion people have mobile phones. That’s 90.72% of the world’s population! This goes to show that SMS is a globally adopted communication channel. You can reach billions of people in no time.

Make SMS Marketing Your Brand’s Most Powerful Channel

SMS is the easiest to deploy as a marketing channel and offers the potential for high ROI. Because of its convenience, SMS marketing is incredibly effective at engaging customers. The immediacy and high engagement rates make SMS one of the top marketing channels. What’s more, SMS can be used as a standalone marketing channel or one which can perfectly supplement your campaigns across other digital platforms. 

Another good reason to choose SMS is that people, especially millennials, prefer text messages to emails to communicate with businesses on their phones.
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