What Your Marketing Agency Clients Really Need

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As the world starts ramping up months after the height of the pandemic, most advertising agencies started rethinking their business approach. For starters, we have seen an increased demand for digital and mobile advertising as foot traffic started to decline. 

The year 2020 also saw the rise of eCommerce and online marketplaces as foot traffic became sparse. A well-thought-out 2020 media plan would be amiss without digital efforts.

But 2022 tells a different story. Now that the world has started opening up, an ADB study showed that 48% of businesses plan to invest in marketing and advertising to recover losses from the past two years. Thus, it is high time for marketing agencies to rethink what would be helpful for the clients as we emerge from the pandemic.

Now, let’s double down on the following best practices for marketing agencies as we approach a post-pandemic world:

  1. Don’t Ditch Digital

The Internet became the last resort for people avoiding the virus in 2020. But it looks like our dependence on its mechanisms has yet to change. It turns out that the internet is not just a temporary, pandemic-caused means to an end. If not, the pandemic had only proven its importance.

The average internet consumption has also ceased to decrease since 2020. Data shows that, despite the availability of offline activities, adults’ average screen time has ceased to decrease since 2021. As alarming as that may sound, this just means that online presence is all the more necessary in advertising. Agency clients need to be extra cautious of scratching digital ads out of their picture if they want their strategy to work.

  1. Improve UX or Website Experience

Coming from the first point, increased digital traffic only means most – if not all – of our targeted audiences are also online. This does not mean that, without physical touch, customer service should be put aside. 

Agency clients are still recommended to look after their own customers by establishing a sufficient online presence, as well as making their website experience more intuitive. Page speed checks and content updates should be done frequently for better website maintenance.

Not only that, but an ideal website should also have a contact form for customer inquiries – or better yet, a chatbot. Business communications software has been the trend these days to maintain a good customer exchange and generate insights to figure out customer needs.

  1. Go Beyond Consultation Services

The ultimate goal is to make the lives of our clients easier, lift some weight off their shoulders, and give them more time to focus on their businesses. As Search Engine Land stated, 59% of clients report not having enough time in the day to complete all their job responsibilities. It is then our job as their marketers to execute our services to the best of our abilities so the clients can ultimately focus on their business growth.

Our jobs do not stop at simply executing a marketing plan and making sure the KPIs are met. General updates and product optimizations should be performed as needed. A comprehensive system is ideally developed for a better information cascade. Rapport should also be established for a better agency-client relationship. 

Future-Proof Your Marketing with Ringbot

Love it or hate it, the pandemic did change client services for good. Evidence points to the future being a bit more virtual and the transitions are happening before our very eyes.
It pays to be ahead of the curve and invest in future-proofing tools that would best take care of your clients now, like And while you’re at it, make sure it does more work than you typically can in a day while integrating with the software you currently use.

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