What is the Best Text Message System for Businesses?

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Thinking of investing in the right SMS tool for your business before the new year starts? Don’t worry, we got you covered.

There have been a lot of shifts in the SMS texting industry for businesses since its inception. With recent market trends, customer behavior shifts from the pandemic, and the rising concern for data privacy, let’s say that a number of adjustments had been made in order. 

Luckily, tried and tested SMS marketing tools evolved with these demands, and with those demands come a lot of requirements for capable marketers. We list the must-haves down below for you to consider when finding the perfect SMS solution for your business:

Supports Two-Way Texting

Isn’t it frustrating when an SMS campaign is launched through a non-recipient number? What if you have questions about the promo? Or what if some key information had been left out in the main message? Of course, it’s a potential customer’s right to know more about these offers.

This feature had previously been one of the frustrations for old-school SMS marketers. As we all know, one of the best ways to draw in sales is first to engage. Without this key feature, marketers are at a loss especially if the audience wishes to know more.

Recent developments in SMS technology have now allowed two-way communication between marketers and SMS receivers. What’s more, is that AI can also get involved to save more time. Two-way messaging also allows marketers to make an insight out of the feedback they receive, and craft more effective SMS campaigns from there.

Flexible App Integration

Businesses these days cannot prosper without using the right apps and tools. Take it from top businesses like Google, Meta, and the like which swear by their own project management apps. That said, seamless app integration between all your tools is a must not only for convenience but also for maximized efficiency.

That is also one of the key factors that can make or break an SMS Marketing Platform. With workflow automation tools storing up a bulk of your user data, it would take lots of hours to conduct manual transfers.

Allowing integrations is the best solution for this. Not only will it ingest all needed information, but customer data refresh would also be a breeze. You can never miss out on an effective lead with the right integration in place.

Workflow Automations

Automated SMS, also known as scheduled text messages, are SMS that are prepared ahead of time and programmed to be sent at a later date. From the idea itself, it’s meant to make the lives of marketers easier.

However, tech advancements now enable marketers to serve specifically targeted messages depending on a customer’s purchase intent. Say, for example, most SMS marketing tools allow senders to launch SMS campaigns for users who abandoned their carts. Some marketers also use their first-party data to serve birthday promos via text messaging for their loyal customers. The possibilities are endless.

The best part is that there’s not much of a need for big investments to launch campaigns for these so there should be less anxiety from marketers looking for rates.

All These and More Through Ringbot

If you want to hit all the marks, then you’re in the right place with Ringbot. Ringbot offers SMS marketing solutions capable of two-way texting, app integration, and automation. In fact, its loyal customers reported some marginal success after incorporating the tool.

Start your free trial now and launch the best SMS campaigns imaginable.

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