The Marketing Agency Growth Guide to Using SMS Marketing Software

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Set up your marketing agency for more—more leads, more conversions, more profits.

All marketing agencies aim for steady growth. You can achieve this consistency in growth and scale through feasible, decisive actions.

In this growth guide for marketing agencies, let’s dive deeper into the best approaches to expanding your business. Let’s get you started with reaching a more extensive client base, mainly focusing on how SMS marketing software can be your partner in business growth and development.

Presented here are the best practices for and uses of SMS text messaging software for your marketing agency.

But first, let’s define what SMS marketing is.

SMS Marketing Defined: How Does It Work?

Short messaging service or SMS marketing is a form of marketing that leverages a text message system for a business to connect with customers. Through 2-way SMS software, you can send promotions to existing clients, and they can send responses back to you. Your SMS-sending software enables you to reach out to untapped target markets, too, so you can introduce your service offers to prospective consumers. Or you can simply use bulk SMS messaging software to constantly speak with them and build strong, lasting business relations in the process.

Why SMS Marketing? The Benefits of the Best Business Texting Platform

First, two-way SMS messaging delivers messages fast. It is a reliable, more personalized platform for communicating with your audiences. That’s why SMS customer service software proves to be efficient because of the speed of exchange of correspondences. Plus, a texting platform for business enables you to automate your customer support so you can cater to client needs and requests on an around-the-clock basis, all while allowing you to customize your texts still.

In addition, text messages have such a high open rate—at 82% of users on average- and a higher response rate, at 45%, relative to email responses.

SMS Marketing Best Practices for Awesome Results

Send a welcome text to your new subscribers.

Ensure new subscribers know they have opted into your SMS marketing campaign. Send them a welcome message and express gratitude for supporting your marketing initiative. Setting the tone for future interactions instantly paves the way for an opportunity to engage them.

You don’t need a lengthy or overcomplicated welcome text. A simple “thank you” note will do. And you can include a special offer, such as a new subscriber discount code.

Promote new product or service offers and releases.

Keep them posted. Another excellent use for mass texting for business is for announcements.

Got a new service on the menu? Inform your subscribers via bulk texting for business. Got an exciting sale coming up? Spark interest from your audience and shoot them an SMS to stir up excitement.

Create a buzz around your products or services. Encourage clients to check out your offers early on. Use the best texting service for businesses to let them know when products are back in stock as well.

Likewise, leverage your two SMS software to check in on clients for abandoned orders. With a shopping cart abandonment rate of 69.82%, you will want to use the most effective software to influence a buyer’s decision optimistically.

Gather data through direct client feedback and company reviews.

Make the most out of your mobile SMS marketing software. Utilize the platform for your clients to voice out what they have to say about your company.

Feedback is crucial in your marketing agency’s growth. It helps you understand your customers better and gives insights into areas you can still improve. Moreover, soliciting client feedback is an integral part of creating a pleasant consumer journey and experience.

Pro tip: SMS surveys and polls should be fast and easy to fill out. Provide multiple options on which users can conveniently tap. Drag-and-drop functionality is also an efficient way to conduct polls or surveys. If you can veer from open-ended questions requiring users to key in long responses.

Provide SMS-based client care.

Use text messaging to provide customer support. It’s a time-saving and practicable customer care channel that allows users to speak with you on their phones, on the go, and even when they’re mobile. After all, five billion people worldwide are mobile device users, and half of that number are on their smartphones on daily—that is a massive chunk of the population.

Let them know you’re conveniently accessible and that they can reach out to you at any time—and expect a response or a resolution to any potential concerns.

Build a VIP program.

You know your clients are essential to you. Remember to express how you value them and reward them with incentives for their unwavering support for your marketing agency.

Create an exclusive VIP group for loyal patrons and brand advocates. Target new markets and encourage them to avail of your services by offering them early access discounts, among other fun, thrilling benefits of subscribing to you.

The best email and SMS marketing software allows you to segment your subscriber list. It enables you to categorize the level of customer loyalty and the phase of the marketing funnel in which they are in.

The Best Business Texting Platform is Finally Here

You’ve just found the best SMS marketing software that best suits your business needs and demands.RingBot can assist with your marketing agency growth campaigns. Sign up today and get your free 7-day trial. It’s that easy. Check out our simple, scalable, and transparent pricing and select what’s most fitting for you.

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