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What’s the surefire way to get the best employees for your company? You may wonder which sales tools to pick from the hundreds available online. If that’s the case, then you are in luck because the best SaaS Coach will hand you the answers to succeed not just in business but also in life.

In this podcast, TopLeads CEO & Founder Charles Cormier fires a series of hot questions to Ringbot CEO Matt Wolach. From Matt’s health tips and daily routine to the best sales software and values you can have as a leader, this video will be a trove of insights for you. So go grab some popcorn and enjoy watching!


Podcast: Founder Wisdom Podcast

Episode (Original): 

Personal Growth with Matt Wolach, CEO of Ringbot

Host: Charles Cormier, CEO at TopLeads

Guest: Matt Wolach, CEO of RingBot


Hire Based on Culture

A lot of business owners tend to pick a job applicant based on credentials. You’ll see a lot of companies onboarding someone with 10-20 years of solid experience in the field. And while this seems like common sense, at Ringbot (a SaaS texting tool used by marketing agencies), it’s done differently. Culture is prized above all else, and that includes the hiring process.

When you hire based on culture, you’re checking if the applicant will live by the values of the company. You’re checking to see if they’re the right fit for your team dynamic. Ideally, they will grow and add to the values of your company. Remember that a talented professional only sometimes translates to a good teammate.

Never Stop Learning

Learning doesn’t stop in school, so the best advice for young leaders is to never stop learning. And it’s more than just helping you stay on top in the ever-so-competitive field of marketing. When you have a growth mindset, it creates a ripple effect of scaling everything around you.

Also, this advice is more than just being good at your job. It also applies to life in general. Whatever it is that you decide to do, go all out in becoming skilled at it. Devour the best books, articles, and videos then follow the right mentor. If you do all of this, you will be on the path to success.

Pick the Right Model

Notice how the previous tip specifically said to find the right mentor? We cannot emphasize enough how you shouldn’t be getting advice from just anybody. Your model should be an expert in whatever field you’re asking their advice for.

Again, this doesn’t just apply to sales but to everything else you do in this world. Think of it this way. You wouldn’t get medical advice from a random dude in the street. You’d go to a doctor who knows what they’re talking about. Do the same in sales. Trust me, it just makes everything so much easier and faster.


Challenges Make Everything More Fun

As entrepreneurs, problems equate to opportunities for us. It shows us what we have to focus on and gives us the chance to serve others, spreading value. Challenges aren’t terrifying, and they’re just blessings in a Halloween costume. So when it gets hard in your business, trust in the process and buckle down. It will make the result so much more meaningful and fun.

Accountability Helps Everyone Win

Accountability means taking ownership. It isn’t just something you do when you’re wrong. You have to do it to be correct. Encouraging your team to take accountability means having them hold the reins.

When you put trust in your employees, it boosts their confidence and trains them to act like a leader. It’s a win-win scenario for everybody. So if you’re deciding what value your company should have, definitely add this one to the list.

Text Marketing is the Future

Did you know that the open rate of text marketing is 98%? Compared to that, the open rate of emails is just 21%. That huge difference is what made Ringbot a success for marketing agencies. The future of marketing will be via text; someday, emails may become obsolete. This is why it’s better to use text marketing if your prospects are below 60 years of age.


Matt Wolach

[1:28] “We’re always committed to making sure that everybody is getting themselves improved, finding new ways to better themselves, and just getting better and better every day.”

[3:04] “I remember playing sports as a kid. Those games where we just kind of blew out the other team, they weren’t really that fun. The games were it was tight and hard, and we eventually squeaked it out in one, which was great. And so those are the things that I love in business as well. When we’re working hard. We pull together as a team, find new ways of doing things, and solve problems. That’s really fun.” 

[6:44] “Learn as much as possible. Keep learning, keep learning, keep learning. Don’t stop. Find the best books you can, find the best articles and videos, and then find mentors. And, definitely, if you can find people who’ve been there, done that, can coach you and help you and guide you along, it’s going to be worth just so much more.”

Charles Cormier

[3:24] “Tough times make good stories, as I like to say, and yet it’s important to surround yourself with good people in your business.”


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