How to Choose the Right SMS Marketing Platform for Your Business

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SMS marketing is one of the most affordable and effective digital marketing channels available today. 

In fact, 70% of consumers chose to receive SMS from businesses in 2022. 

This is why 60% of businesses that use SMS marketing plan on allocating more budget for the right SMS software.

If you’re thinking about adding SMS marketing software to your arsenal of digital tools, we’ll help you get started! Read our guide on how to choose the right SMS marketing platform for your business.

Benefits of SMS Marketing Platform for Your Business

1. Easy to Use

The first thing you want to look for in an SMS marketing platform is its ease of use. 

SMS marketing is relatively easy and simple to set up, but you want to make sure the user interface is intuitive enough to make the setup process even easier. 

If you have to spend too much time trying to figure out the software, you’ll get frustrated and end up using it less. 

You want to make sure that your SMS marketing software has an easy-to-use UI so you can create and manage your campaigns quickly. 

Some SMS marketing platforms even let you preview your campaigns within the software, so you can see how they’ll look before you send them out to your customers. 

2. Scalable

You want to use the platform quickly import your customer list, easily send SMS to your customers, and ultimately, grow your business. 

The right SMS marketing platform will also allow you to easily segment your list, so you can send targeted SMS to specific customers or groups.

Lastly, the best SMS marketing tool will help you easily create and schedule multiple campaigns. 

This way you can schedule your campaigns in advance, saving you time while ensuring the success of your campaigns.

3. Affordable

While SMS marketing software is an investment, you want to make sure you’re getting an affordable option.

Some SMS marketing platforms can be extremely expensive, especially when you consider how many SMS you’ll need to send each month just to break even. 

The platform’s pricing model should work for your business. Some platforms charge per subscriber, while others charge per campaign. 

Pick a model that works best for your needs and how you send out SMS. It would be best to choose an SMS marketing software that offers a free plan, so you can test out the best features and make sure you get your money’s worth.

4. Wide Audience Reach

The best SMS marketing platforms should be capable of reaching international numbers. This feature allows you to market your business to potential customers from any country in the world. 

5. Customizable Widgets

You should also make sure that the platform lets you easily customize the widgets you can add to your website. 

This way, you can make sure that your website is a consistent experience for your customers. 

Not only does this make your website more aesthetically pleasing. It also helps to build trust with your customers by showing them that you’re serious about your business. 

This can also help you drive more traffic to your website. Having this feature will help send customers to your website to learn more about what you do, and eventually, help you close a sale!

6. Time-Saving Automation

Lastly, you want to make sure the platform has time-saving automation features. 

For instance, the SMS marketing software should be able to automatically retry to call if a prospect fails to answer. 

In addition, it would help if the SMS marketing tool can automate replies. Notifications are also a key feature, especially for busy owners who don’t have time to go through hundreds of emails every day.

Never Miss a Thing with Ringbot’s SMS Marketing Services!

When choosing an SMS marketing solution, make sure you look at the features and benefits we’ve listed above to help you decide. 

If you’re ready to scale your business, Ringbot’s white-label SMS platform is the way to go! Our SMS marketing features, such as the web traffic conversion widget, are capable of delivering your business more customers.

Get your clients more results by white-labeling our SMS marketing services. Hit up Ringbot today and see how we can help!

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