How this Mobile Marketing Owner’s Clients Gained Results with Ringbot’s SMS Marketing Platform

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My Expert Marketing owner Robert Brown was only looking for something to market when he gained more than he expected using Ringbot’s SMS marketing features.

Results Were Hard to Come By

Robert Brown from My Expert Marketing was doing great things for his clients. However, they weren’t seeing the results as leads weren’t converting or helping his clients grow.

Fortunately, Robert found RingBot.

He saw it as a way to help his clients capture more leads and generate more sales using his unique SMS marketing skills.

He also loved that it was a white-labeled product so his Agency could put its own name on it.

SMS Marketing as a New Territory

When Robert had his hands on the SMS software for the first time, it was challenging as SMS marketing was considered unconventional in a sea of other strategies.

“This is a new territory,” Robert says. While SMS software marketing has been around, it wasn’t being promoted like other marketing techniques. 

But considering how communication functions in the modern world, Robert hoped that SMS marketing would work for him.

“Everybody has a phone in their pocket,” he emphasizes, pointing out the fact that SMS open rates can be as high as 98%. People would rather open text messages than answer calls, especially if it’s from an unknown caller. 

Finding the Right Customers through SMS

One of Robert’s clients, a home designer, then started utilizing Ringbot. Robert noted how this client is in a difficult line, and capturing the right customers is a challenge.

They started running lead ads connected through the SMS software anyway. And while there were not a lot of responses, the ones that they received were what their business needed the most: the niche’s target audience. 

“[The responses were from] people who can afford his product,” attests Robert, “people who are top 5%, income owners.”

It was a ray of light for Robert and his client, who found that Ringbot can be beneficial for that particular niche in the long run. 

Ultimately, his customers started finding him, communications happen through the SMS marketing software, and the client is on his way to success with more leads to come.

“The customer loved the way they communicated,” Robert says.

A Great Platform for Diverse Clients

One of the best things Robert loved about Ringbot’s SMS marketing features is how it’s not limited to servicing particular niches.

The thing about SMS marketing is it works on various niches, from insurance to health and food. 

For instance, Robert uses RingBot’s SMS messaging feature for his food truck side hustle, where he and his team can stay in the loop.

Robert’s networking group also depended on the software for collaboration and seamless communication. 

“A lot of my communications are through it,” he adds, noting how convenient it is to use the SMS marketing platform to go back and forth his messages. 

When asked if RingBot was a great decision, Robert agreed without a doubt, “of course! I saw it as a coming thing.”

Simple Yet Efficient

Should Marketing Agencies start using RingBot?

“Write the check. Sign up,” Robert tells people who are still considering going for the white-label SMS marketing platform.

Like any other software, there is a learning curve. While learning how to use the platform, Robert found how solid it was, and that the “system has never played me.”

While mistakes happen, Robert adds that the platform did not let him make errors that are not recoverable. At the end of the day, it was a “tremendous” experience that will definitely benefit different kinds of companies. 

If you’re looking to get your clients more results through SMS marketing, try Ringbot today.

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