5 Text Marketing Trends to Watch For in 2023

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It’s safe to say we all agree that SMS marketing is here to stay. As response rates are predicted to increase this 2023, pressure is starting to boil for SMS marketers to produce the best campaigns. That coupled with the continuously changing mobile behaviors – i.e. shifts in screen times as the cities resume full capacity – we’re being forced to go back to the drawing board and rethink our text messaging strategies.

Lucky for you, we compiled some observations we predict will shift SMS advertising further. This list contains some strategies to watch out for and some tried-and-tested best practices that will still surely make the cut for the next marketing trends:

Improved SMS Automated Responses through AI

Investing in better response technology is a recommended approach when it comes to improving lead generation. The past three years have seen some improvements in chatbot prompts, especially in personalization. These days, there’s hardly any difference between customer representative responses and AI-powered chatbot technologies.

Although a little expensive, we dare say that investing in high-powered chatbots is the way to go. With it, your prospects no longer have to commit longer wait times to get clarification for their queries or resolve their issues. Shorter wait times mean less drop-off, which is a surefire way to attract more customers.

Text Message Personalization

AI technology also provided more opportunities to personalize and retrofit your message body per customer. By applying better user identification methodologies, SMS sending tools can now pinpoint where your targets are in the customer journey. Based on these behaviors, the tools can now send out personalized messages to attract your audience toward action.

We can now strategically send different messages with the same objectives depending on how the users are sorted in the subscriber list. That way, the launch can better appeal to different prospects for a fraction of the time.

SMS Tie-up with Influencer Marketing

Did you know that SMS marketing strategies can now be merged with influencer marketing? This had come as a surprise for us too! With influencers dominating the social media scene, we marketers may fall into the trap of thinking that their impact is only confined to these platforms. Luckily, some start-up geniuses managed to launch platforms like Community and Shoutout where fans can interact with their influencers of choice through their chosen channels – SMS seems like a popular option for most of them.

Imagine the possibilities you can come up with knowing that your prospects can be enticed into SMS engagement fueled by influencer marketing. So why not consider these touchpoints in your next SMS marketing plan?

Opening Multi-channel Options for your SMS Audiences

This strategy has been going on for a while now. As we all know, most people can be found using multiple devices. Of course,f you have your phones, but attention can also be consumed through larger screens like laptops, smart TVs, and the like. This user behavior has always been challenging, especially for SMS platforms limited to launching only through mobile phones.

How can you follow your SMS prospects from one device to another? Easily sneak in links – FAQs, confirmation links, or what have you – to ensure your targets can be captured in website customer links. This way, while your user will become unidentifiable due to data privacy safety nets, other digital efforts will be sure to follow them across different media.

White-labeling Trusted Providers

Creating a winning strategy is, let’s face it, only half the battle. It will not make sense to spend a multi-channel strategy effort only to run it in an SMS marketing platform that does not have the proper automation and integrations you have in mind.

2023 is the perfect time to explore the best SMS white-label platform that will work for you, especially now that SMS user bases have increased over time. So don’t be shy and sign up for all possible free trials you can come across. Only through first-hand experience within the platform can you figure out which works best for you.

Make Ringbot Your Trusted Partner

While you’re at it, why not give Ringbot a go? With its powerful lead generation technology enhanced for 2023 marketing efforts, we’re confident enough to say that the sky is the limit.

It has every classic SMS marketing feature, like text and email blasts and subscriber list maintenance tools. But get this, it is also ahead of the curve and had built-in automation mechanisms before it was cool! With Ringbot, you only need to feed a few prompts for its dynamic response systems to kick in.
So why not start your free trial with Ringbot today? Make the most out of your SMS marketing strategy with the most flexible SMS platform in the market.

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