3 Best Ways to Drive More Leads To Your Marketing Agency Clients

Closing contracts has got to be one of the best feelings when working for an agency. Nothing amounts to the feeling of shaking another’s hands, marking a done deal. Ah, euphoric high you get for such a job well done!

But while the high doesn’t last long, the lingering feeling is strong enough to make you search for the next hands to shake. For the driven sales manager, the pitching process is not as painstaking as it sounds if it will guarantee a successful run.

Good thing there are tools these days that can help. Artificial Intelligence (AI) had made most of our processes fast and seamless that our work may get cut up in half most times. Especially in cases where sales go to the fastest responders, all we need to do is integrate with the best tools out there.

Of course, there are some necessary steps to make the switch all the more seamless. Read on for more:

  1. Start with your home base – or better yet, your homepage

You have to start with a clean slate. First, make sure that you have a website if you have none yet. If you already have one, then congratulations. You just future-proofed your agency.

Make sure that your website has the necessary elements – just enough to inform your prospective clients about your services and offers, but still bewildering enough for them to submit an inquiry. For starters, the ideal web pages include Home, About Us, Products and Services, FAQs, and Contact Us. Sprinkle in a little portfolio and you might just have enough persuasion in your website.

For inquiries, the trend these days is to enable click-to-text services that would send your prospect’s queries as text messages to your phone right away. Realtime SMS Marketing Software like these guarantees that your customers’ curiosities are piqued while they still have the mental capacity to digest more information from your website. Take, for example, Ringbot.io’s “Text Us” widget helped its clients increase their leads by 130%.

Now that you have a website, we suggest you take the next step.

  1. Promote It – Use SEO

Especially for start-ups, brand discovery is a stage marketers often overlook. Of course, you can’t expect your potential clients to know about your agency right away. What better way to market your services than through search engine optimization (SEO).

SEO incorporates well-searched keywords and phrases into your content, making your website more susceptible to appearing in search engines. SEO marketers strive to get your website to the top of the first page – the process involves quite a bit of expert-level rocket science so you would definitely need to shell out some investments here and there.

But hey, you’ve come this far! Once enough time has passed, you’ll get a lot of online leads in no time.

  1. Be a Fast Texter

We already hinted at this one in our first point. The trick is, that once you get the first message from a potential lead, you have to make sure that your responses come steady.

But for a busy person like yourself, how can you find the time to respond to business queries right away? Lucky for you, we already have a tool for that. SMS Marketing software like Ringbot.io not only has Website to SMS integrations that can help you increase your response rate, but it also has an integration tool for busy marketers, smart enough to trigger the most accurate response from the broadest keywords. Your prospects won’t have the slightest idea that they’re getting a response from an automated SMS Customer Service Software.

Qualify Leads with Ringbot

Don’t underestimate the power of online leads. But also be mindful that speed is the name of the game. Who knows what a high response rate and the right automation tools – like Ringbot.io – can bring you?

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